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About Us

Hi, my names Todd and I'm addicted to chainsaws

Just kidding, but I have had a passion for chainsaws for about 3 years now. My first real chainsaw experience was with a little Homelite Super 2 that I got to help my neighbor fell a small tree. The chainsaw needed some work and I had never really worked on one before, so I dove in and fixed it, or so I thought. I ended up getting the oil lines backwards and needless to say it smoked out the entire neighborhood. After some tinkering, I figured it out and got it in perfect working order. From then on, I was hooked.

My wife, Amanda is the driving factor of what the site is and what it will become. Without her ideas and support, this site would be nothing. She developed her passion after she got a hold of my Super 2 to do some limb work on a different friend's tree, now she even has her own saws. One of her saws is that Super 2, which I painted purple and surprised her with. It later became the purple people eater after she did her "customizing" on it.

I am in the US Navy and was deployed in Afghanistan for almost all of 2010. After being in a place where I couldn't do the hobby I love most, I began to think about how the chainsaw community needed a better place to buy and sell their chainsaws and parts. I wanted a place where the chainsaw community, everyone from enthusiasts, novice and pros could go that was just for them; whether it be for a new / used saw, part or even just to ask a quick question in the forum. After researching and personally experiencing the other avenues one can use to attain their chainsaw needs, I realized there needed to be an AFFORDABLE, simple place JUST FOR chainsaws and their owners. IS JUST THAT! is a place for YOU whether you own a chainsaw, want one, need a part or just want to be a part of this community. only has one purpose, and that is to serve you and your chainsaw needs. As a member you can apply your knowledge in the forum and help us build the best website for others looking for chainsaw related items or knowledge. We will do whatever we can to make this website a fun, successful and enjoyable website. We value you and your ideas as a member, and ask that if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

Take care everyone,
Todd & Amanda


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Sawbid: List an item for $0.99, choose no other options, and it sales for $50.00. Your cost to list + FVF (1%) = $0.85

ebay: List an item for $0.99, choose no other options, and it sales for $50.00. Your cost to list + FVF (9%) = $4.75

Now, let's pretend you do this 10 times a week:

Sawbid - $0.85 x 10 = $8.50

ebay - $4.75 x 10 = $47.50

BOTTOM LINE: will save you $156 per month in this example. Do your own research and you will see how much money you will save using!

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